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Chicago Blackhawks Warriors

The Chicago Blackhawks Warriors ice hockey program was founded in 2015 in conjunction with USA Disabled Hockey to give our injured military members and veterans the opportunity to play hockey in an environment suited to their needs. The program trains them in the skills needed to use hockey as a rehabilitation tool to overcome physical and mental disabilities sustained in their service to our nation.

We are a non-pro t 501 C3 organization. We depend on fundraising and charitable donations to fund our players and team. In addition to ice time, out of town games and tournaments add travel costs, meals and lodging.

To offset these expenses, we seek donations from private individuals and corporate donors.

We also play fundraising games against other teams and organizations as away to raise money for our team. If your organization is interested in playing a fundraiser game, please contact any of our team representatives.

Donations via PayPal.


Team Karen Foundation Benefit

By Chicago Blackhawks Warriors 07/09/2018, 1:00pm CDT

It’s a beautiful day to be alive and at Addison Ice Rink celebrating with the Team Karen Foundation!

Prior to the opening faceoff, the crowd witnessed a stirring rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner sung by our own Warrior player, Greg Scott. Great job, Greg! That was followed by the “Opening Puck Drop” which was done by Karen and Kenny Carlquist’s son, Carson. Nice job, Carson!

The Blackhawks Warriors faced off with the AWF Renegades in a fun hockey game for an even better cause. The game ended with the Renegades on top by a score of 8-5. Truly a game where the score didn’t matter. The fundraiser that followed was the main event.

With generous donations of raffle prizes, silent auction gifts and chuck-a-puck, we were able to raise a total of $4500.00 to kickoff the Team Karen Foundation fundraising. The Foundation will support and donate funds to families battling Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.

The Blackhawks Warriors appreciate this and future opportunities to assist this great cause!

As Karen would say, “it’s a great day to be alive!” 

Team Karen Benefit Game

By Chicago Blackhawks Warriors 06/08/2018, 5:00pm CDT

Our benefit game for the Team Karen Foundation is quickly approaching. The Blackhawks Warriors will be taking on the AWF Renegades high school hockey team to support this worthy cause.
Karen Carlquist was referred to as Fearless. Fighter. Brave. Spunk. Courage. Spirit. Love. Grit.  Faith.  Positive. Badass.  Friend. Wife.  Mother. Karen. 

On December 15th, 2017, Karen spread her wings and was called home.  But what she left behind for us was the message to always live life to the fullest, to be cheesy and do silly things, and to always remember that “It is a beautiful day to be alive."

The main goal of the Team Karen foundation is to continue to grow Karen’s message of positivity and optimism as well as develop an ever-growing community who encourages each other to always keep a smile on your face, no matter how tough the battle may seem.  Team Karen intends to create an environment where cheerfulness and joy is the common denominator in everything we do.  During her fight, Karen communicated with so many others who were also in her shoes; afraid, sad, confused, and angry about a diagnosis they did not deserve.  She understood they viewed their days ahead as dark and miserable, but she always urged them to see the good in life, to continue to make memories with your loved ones no matter how dark the days ahead may seem. 

Team Karen intends on raising funds to give cancer fighters a chance to continue to make memories.  These donations are intended for these warriors to use for whatever they should choose: a vacation with their family, a huge night out with their friends, relieving the stress of medical bills, or anything that will help these fighters continue to make happy memories with their loved ones and keep a smile on their faces.

To learn more please visit the Team Karen Foundation website at

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